We offer a variety of fundamentals classes and one-on-one training opportunities. If you would like to try out CrossFit, then come out to a free Introductory Class on Tuesdays at 5:30pm or by appointment any time. Contact us to get started!



Want to see what CrossFit is all about? Drop in for a Free Intro Workout! During the Intro Workout, we will explain the CrossFit methodology, class and programming structure, and guide you through a short workout using body weight movements that anyone can perform regardless of athletic background. Intro workouts are on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm or by Appointment Only. Please register for the Intro Workout by emailing us at info@crossfit-dilworth.com or here.


To be efficient and safe, CrossFit Dilworth requires that certain skills are taught and developed before progressing to the more intense group training CrossFit classes. Participating CrossFit ill equipped with the basic skills can be a recipe for frustration, injury, or both. We will teach you the 9 essential movements that form the basis of CrossFit and explain the ideology and methodology that has proven to be most effective in creating elite fitness levels for all individuals.

At CrossFit Dilworth we require each athlete complete fundamentals sessions prior to graduating to our group based CrossFit classes, regardless of athletic background.

If you have prior experience with CrossFit or CrossFit style programming and can demonstrate proficiency in the basic movements then you may forgo the fundamentals class by participating in our Testing Out option.

Fundamentals classes are generally held on the week nights, and by appointment based on availability. We will schedule these in advance with you before joining in to the regular classes.

Please email us today to get registered – start dates are based on availability.


If you feel confident and comfortable performing basic barbell movements (Squat variations- Front Squat, OHS, Pressing variations- shoulder press, push press, push jerk, Deadlift variations- deadlift, (SDHP) sumo deadlift high pull), you can request to “test out” of the fundamentals class and gain access to our Group CrossFit Sessions. Call us today to set up a time to come in and demonstrate your proficiency with one of our coaches. We do have high standards when it comes to the basics movements so if you are unsure we would strongly recommend that you come in for the fundamentals class.


If you’re ready to get started but can’t because of scheduling constraints sign up for our Private Coaching series. We will schedule 2 private fundamentals classes with you and one of our CrossFit certified Coaches. In these classes you will work one-on-one with a coach that will help you learn basic barbell and gymnastic movements preparing you for our fast paced group classes.

If you need the extra accountability, are new to exercise, or have preexisting orthopedic or medical related issues that need extra attention, this may be the perfect fit for you.